Entramurals 2018

Is like a tradition to us.It was filled with laughter and enjoyment for both students and staffs because it brought great memories. Our intramurals/sport fest was started with the opening prayer of pr. Sharon rose Tugade followed by the opening remarks of ptr. Jolito manolang and the pledge of sportmanship led to us by tue sbo pres, Johanah Grace estabillo.

Our first activity was the fun run which tested the strength and endurance of the students.  We also had our basketball(boys) that really brought out the competence and teamwork of each team. We also enjoyed board games that challenged the intellectual and mental capacity of each students. And how can we forget the game that brought us to tears because of laughter? Our famous " larong pinoy". It was like reminiscing our childhood memories that really brought us into great joy .

One of the most challenging part of our entramurals was the cooking competition. It was very challenging because each team was given a whole dressed chicken and 100 pesos for them to cook their chosen menu. Their skills and teamwork was really developed through this contest. 

They also make their own flag which represent their team: the one team and the blazing priest. The last part of our program was the cheering competition.The judges were amazed by the student's presentation as well as the staffs. And finally,the champion of our entramurals 2018 was......  The one team!

This memorable event  really built a good relationship, friendship and team work to all the students. It tested their strength, intellectual, talents and skills as well as their attitude.